Management and monitoring of dairy cows during the transition period

  • Cristina Rojo Gimeno (Deelnemer)

    Activiteit: Deelnemen aan een evenement of er een organiserenOrganisatie en deelname aan een workshop, opleiding, seminarie


    Over the past couple of years, a substantial part of the research o has been (and is) related to management and monitoring of the dairy cow during the transition period. Each group has its own focus and complementary expertise, which also resulted in collaborative experiments and projects. Given these common interests, the teams joined efforts to set-up a forum to convey results, to exchange experiences and to elaborate on recent developments. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to build a bridge between research outcomes and application by creating an opportunity to discuss the necessary steps to allow this transfer from research to a practical management or recording system.
    Soort evenementWorkshop
    LocatieGhent, BelgiëTonen op kaart
    Mate van erkenningInternationaal