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    Demersal working group, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    NSRAC Demersal Working Group
    Radisson Blu Hotel
    Boeing Avenue 2, 1119 PB Schiphol-Rijk
    Tuesday 8th July, 2014 at 10.30am

    Meeting Agenda, Draft (5)

    1. Welcome and Introductions
    Adoption of the Agenda (Paper 1.1)
    2. Minutes of Previous Meeting
    Paper 2.1 The report of the meeting held in Paris 9th April 2014 (For Approval)
    3. Matters Arising / Action Points
    4. Landings Obligation
    Paper 4.1 Landings Obligation Vision (For Approval)
    Paper 4.2 Report of Landings Obligation Focus Group Meeting (For Approval)
    Next Steps, development of NSAC advice

    5. Drift Net Fisheries
    Paper 5.1 Response to proposed ban on drift net fishing (For Approval)
    6. Sea Bass
    Paper 6.1 EAA paper on Sea Bass (For Discussion)
    Proposal for joint workshop with NWWAC

    7. Pulse Fishery
    Kees Verbogt - NL authority,
    Nathalie Steins - Imares
    Hans Polet - Ilvo
    Paper 7.1 Pilot Project on Pulse Fishing and Landings Obligation (For Info)
    Paper 7.2 Electrotrawling ILVO (For Info)
    Paper 7.3 Platvis Pulsvisserij (For Info)
    Paper 7.4 Flatfish Pulse Trawls (For Info)
    Paper 7.5 STECF Pulse Advice (For Info)
    8. Lunch
    9. Long Term Management Plans
    10. ICES Advice
    Update from Carmen Fernandez
    11. European Consultation; Fishing Opportunities 2015
    Paper 11.1 Fishing Opportunities 2015 (For Discussion)
    12. Any Other Business
    Date and location of next meeting
    To be confirmed.
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