Priority research areas for evaluating ecosystem consequences of a discard ban

Depestele, J. (Spreker)

    Activiteit: Gesprek of presentatieLezing en mondelinge bijdrage


    Elucidating ecosystem effects of discarding will require that data are collected in such a way that enables detection of ecological changes occurring prior to and after the discard ban is implemented. The priority areas highlighted require different types of information related to (1) catch monitoring, (2) ecosystem surveys, including scavenging birds, fish and invertebrates and (3) fishing distribution.

    Maria Fatima Borges (Speaker) and co-authors: Eider Andonegi, Jochen Depestele, Gerjan Piet , David Reid, Anna Rindorf, Thomas Kirk Sørensen, Gro I.van der Meeren
    Gehouden opICES, België
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