STECF Expert Working Group

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    Participation and representation of Belgium in the STECF Expert Working Group on the performance of the fish processing industry Since 2000, an EU framework for the collection and management of fisheries data is in place. This framework was reformed in 2008 resulting in the Data Collection Framework (DCF). Under this framework the Member States collect, manage and make available a wide range of fisheries data needed for scientific advice. Part of the data collected by the Member States is uploaded in databases managed by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the EU in response to data calls issued by the European Commission. This data is analysed by experts and forms the basis for scientific opinions and recommendations formulated in STECF reports. The resulting scientific advice is used to inform the CFP decision making process. Following the 2014 data call for economic data on the EU fish processing sector, the expert working group was requested to analyse and comment on the economic performance of the EU and national fish processing sectors between 2008 and 2012. The result of this working group was the publication of the 2014 annual economic report on the perormance of the fish processing industry.
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