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    Europen Coexistence Bureau

    The European Coexistence Bureau (ECoB) contributes to the implementation of the European Agriculture Council Conclusions of 22 May 2006, requesting the European Commission to conduct further work in the area of coexistence, amongst other issues to:
    - Identify, in close co-operation with the Member States and stakeholders, best practice for technical segregation measures and, on the basis of this work, develop guidelines for crop-specific measures. At the same time, ensure that the crop-specific guidelines leave the necessary flexibility for Member States to take account of their regional and local factors (share of different crops in cultivation, crop rotations, field sizes, etc).
    - Explore with Member Sates possible ways of minimizing potential cross-border problems related to coexistence.
    - Explore sustainable solutions, which are in line with EU law, for areas where agricultural structures and farming conditions are such that farm level coexistence is difficult to achieve for a given crop.

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