The Flemish Organic Research & Knowledge Network: bridging research and practice for organic food and farming in Flanders

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    The Flemish Organic Research & Knowledge Network (FORK-Network) forms since 2012 the heart of research and knowledge exchange for the organic sector in Flanders. The Fork-Network involves three networks: CCBT, NOBL and BBN. Central to each of these networks are how exchange of knowledge and experiences, interaction with stakeholders as well as the development of new knowledge for the organic sector can be optimised and put into practice. Drivers of the network are participatory research and knowledge exchange and dissemination of knowledge tailored to farmers. The FORK-network created a platform for OFF research and knowledge exchange, transforming a previously heterogeneous field of often unrelated actors into a denser network of experts in the field of OFF. The network established an infrastructure of cooperation which is used by an increasing number of actors and tends to maximize the benefits of cooperation through the combination of complementary activities, multidisciplinary competencies and the avoidance of duplicate efforts.
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