A catalog of meta-data about agricultural long-term field experiments in Europe (EJP SOIL 7.3) (Data collection, parent table)

  • Guillaume Blanchy (Bijdrager)
  • Tommy D'Hose (Bijdrager)
  • Katja Klumpp (Bijdrager)



Long-term field experiments (LTEs) are crucial sources of knowledge on agricultural soil management. They are vitally important in monitoring, understanding and proving the changes in soil properties and crop production occurring as a result of agricultural management practices and climate change. Long-term field experiments will also be essential in the future and cannot be replaced by new analytical techniques or models; on the contrary, they are an indispensable basis for the calibration and validation of these techniques. Because of longevity, it is fairly costly to maintain them. Therefore, efforts aiming at more extensive and cooperative use of LTEs and the corresponding data should be promoted. This database collected with EJP SOIL (task 7.3) contains metadata from more than 200 LTEs across Europe. Metadata collected include precise description of the treatments (combination of factors) investigated related to tillage, crops, amendments, grazing and pest/weed management as well as measurements collected and pedo-climatic information. See Related Idenfifier for tables retlated to this dataset. Dataset version 1.0
Datum ter beschikking1-jan.-2022

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