Database to: Effectiveness of soil management strategies for mitigation of N2O emissions in European arable land: A meta-analysis

  • Elena Valkama (Maker)
  • Domna Tzemi (Maker)
  • Ulises Ramon Esparza-Robles (Maker)
  • Alina Syp (Maker)
  • Adam O'Toole (Maker)
  • Peter Maenhout (Maker)



Database to a meta-analysis studing the effects of adding different organic matter inputs (crop residues, green manure, livestock manure, slurry, digestate, compost or biochar) to soils on N2O emissions. Database consists of over 50 field experiments conducted in 15 European countries. Diverse arable crops, mainly cereals, were cultivated in monoculture or in crop rotations on mineral soils. Cumulative N2O emissions per unit land area were monitored during periods of 30 to 1,070 days in treatments, which received organic matter inputs, alone or in combination with mineral N fertiliser; and in controls fertilised with mineral N. The original results appeared in 46 articles published between 1993 and 2022 in peer-reviewed scientific journals, as well as a project report, and a PhD thesis.
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