INTACT: dataset behind the INTeractive Agroforestry Cost-benefit analysis Tool



A new agroforestry project often means a new (big) investment for the farmer. To get insight into which costs and benefits can be expected from a farmer's new project, the web tool INTACT can guide the farmer to relevant costs and benefits. In recent years, a growing interest in agroforestry systems has been observed in Belgium and the Netherlands. Therefore, it is important to give farmers a 'financial picture' of their new agroforestry project. This allows to measure the impact of choices on the agroforestry project's profitability. To guarantee a non-complex interface, the developers have chosen to create a web tool instead of keeping the Excel as a tool. Though, this dataset is the backbone of the web tool INTACT. This dataset contains information about the farmer's starting point (field characteristics and hourly wages), costs (plant purchase, terrain preparation, planting trees, tree protection, tree management, and harvest) and benefits (fruits, nuts, and wood yield): The objectives of INTACT are 1) to guarantee insight into costs and benefits related to the tree and shrub component within agroforestry systems, 2) to guarantee open access, 2) to guarantee flexibility for the user, and 4) to enhance the user experience. Both the dataset and the web tool are initially written in Dutch as it is created for Flanders (Belgium) and The Netherlands. Though, translator plug-ins allow the user to translate the page with buttons (either English or Czech). The use of INTACT is free, and it can be accessed through this link: Welcome to AgroForestry Planner! AgroForestry Flanders ( The manual can be read here: Agroforestryplanner - Agroforestry ( (bibliography included supporting INTACT's theoretical background). More info? Contact us through [email protected]
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