Knowledge gaps on trade-offs of soil carbon sequestration related to soil management strategies

  • Peter Maenhout (Maker)
  • Claudia Di Bene (Maker)
  • Maria Luz Cayuela (Maker)
  • Anton Govednik (Maker)
  • Frida Keuper (Maker)
  • Sara Mavsar (Maker)
  • Rok Mihelic (Maker)
  • Adam O'Toole (Maker)
  • Ana Schwarzmann (Maker)
  • Marjetka Suhadolc (Maker)
  • Alina Syp (Maker)
  • Elena Valkama (Maker)



The database contains 87 unique literature items (29 reviews, 42 meta-analyses, 16 original papers) describing the effect of a soil management strategy (tillage management, cropping systems, water management, cover crops, crop residues, livestock manure, slurry, compost, biochar, liming) on the trade-offs between soil carbon sequestration or SOC change and N2O emission, CH4 emission and nitrogen leaching. Since some literature items describe effects of several SMS categories, the database_summary tab comprises a total of 112 unique inputs. For each input it is indicated in the Database_summary tab if it was used as input for the "Soil management effect assessment" in Maenhout et al. (2024) [Maenhout, P., Di Bene, C., Cayuela, M. L., Diaz-Pines, E., Govednik, A., Keuper, F., Mavsar, S., Mihelic, R., O'Toole, A., Schwarzmann, A., Suhadolc, M., Syp, A., & Valkama, E. (2024). Trade-offs and synergies of soil carbon sequestration: Addressing knowledge gaps related to soil management strategies. European Journal of Soil Science, e13515.] and/or to define knowledge gaps ("Knowledge gap in tab"-column). Knowledge gaps and research recommendations are gouped per soil management strategy in different tabs in this database. Per soil management strategy, knowledge gaps are clustered per theme in groups. These themes include: the specific soil management strategy, pedoclimatic conditions, establishment of experiments, other soil management strategies, meta-analysis, modelling and other
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