Otolith microstructures analysis of juveniles sole (Solea solea L.) in the Southern North Sea



The dataset contains the individual fish and otolith measurements necessary to analyse the early-life history stages of juvenile common sole in the Southern North Sea. Samples were collected at three major nursery grounds, the Belgian coast, the Dutch coast and the UK coast between 2013 and 2016. The analysis of the otolith microstructures (daily growth rings) allows the back calculation of hatching and settlement periods as well as the investigation of growth conditions. The dataset includes three types of data associated to each sampled fish: 1) the individual age/counts associated to the early-life stages including larval period, metamorphosis, juvenile period, total PLD and total age; 2) the otolith size dimensions in terms of radius, diameter and PLD size which associated to ages allow the analysis of growth rates; 3) other supplementary data for the analysis of the relationship of otolith and somatic growth including total lengths and weights.
Datum ter beschikking2021
Geografische dekkingSouthern North Sea

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