Point, polygon, or marker? In search of the best geographic entity for mapping Cultural Ecosystem Services using the online PPGIS tool, "My Green Place."

  • Nohemí Ramirez Aranda (Gent university) (Maker)
  • Jeroen De Waegemaeker (Maker)
  • Viktor Venhorst (Maker)
  • Wim Leendertse (Maker)
  • Eva Kerselaers (Maker)
  • Nico Van de Weghe (Maker)



Excel files include the raw database and the processed data that led to the quadrat analyses. The "Matrix_raw data" file includes the raw data as downloaded from the server. This data was cleaned and organized for its posterior use. "Quadrat analyzes "file includes all the quadrat analyses resulting in each research question in the paper except question four. Question 4 can be seen in the file "Water analysis_Blaarmeersen." All excel files come with a "CODE" tab that describes each of the codes used, their meaning, and ways that were calculated where necessary. Two zip files include all the GIS files. The first one includes the GIS files from which "Matrix_raw data" was built from. The second folder includes the resulting maps from the quadrat analyses. In order to visualize them as in the paper, configure the symbology tab at the GIS software in quantile and the categories number, as shown in the paper. The production of the files in the "GIS_Processed data" folder was done via a repetitive line of commands in ArcGIS pro. The same process was followed for each one of the quadrat analysis described in the paper. Refer to "Reproduction commands and parameters.pdf" for further information.
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