Provision of Metadata of European Agricultural Long-Term Experiments through BonaRes and EJP SOIL Collaboration

  • Cenk Dönmez (Bijdrager)
  • Guillaume Blanchy (Bijdrager)
  • Nikolai Svoboda (Bijdrager)
  • Tommy D'Hose (Bijdrager)
  • Carsten Hoffmann (Bijdrager)
  • Wilfried Hierold (Bijdrager)
  • Katja Klummp (Bijdrager)



The dataset includes the meta-information of 616 LTEs from 30 different countries across Europe with a minimum duration of typically 20 years, including clustered information of the European LTEs in different categories (management operations, land use, duration, status, etc.). It consists of the updated version of the dataset published by Grosse et al., 2020 ( but is extended by further LTE metadata, categories and research themes within a collaboration of BonaRes and EJP SOIL. Research domain: Soil Sciences
Datum ter beschikking1-jan.-2022

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