RGB datasets for machine learning-based microplastic analysis - update

  • Nelle Meyers (Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research - Flemish Government) (Maker)
  • Bavo De Witte (Maker)
  • Colin Janssen (Maker)
  • Gert Everaert (Maker)
  • Belgium Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) (Maker)
  • Belgium Institute For Agricultural And Fisheries Research-Flemish Government (Maker)
  • Belgium Environmental Toxicology-UGent (Maker)
  • Nelle Meyers (Bijdrager)



This dataset features RGB statistics extracted from Nile red-stained particles, serving to train a 'Plastic Detection Model' and a 'Polymer Identification Model' using supervised machine learning techniques. By accurately discerning between plastic and natural particles, and distinguishing between different plastic polymers, the models facilitate efficient microplastic detection and identification.
Datum ter beschikking2024
UitgeverMarine Data Archive
Geografische dekkingWorld (https://www.marineregions.org/gazetteer.php?p=details&id=1900)

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