Tree Matrix: A Tree Species Selection Guide (Bomenmatrix)



As a choice has to be made on whether a tree species matches the conditions of an agroforestry project in terms of e.g. soil characteristics and objectives, this dataset can support the tree species selection process. This dataset, often mentioned as ‘’Tree Matrix’’ (EN) or ‘’Bomenmatrix’’ (NL), contains information about how tree species match certain relevant parameters varying from abiotic conditions (e.g. soil, weather, light, etc.), animals, objectives (e.g. wood/fruit/nut production and ecological function), and feasibility (e.g. disease risks and planting material availability). In recent years, a growing interest in agroforestry systems has been observed in Belgium and the Netherlands. Therefore, it is important to pay sufficient attention to the tree species selection process as this plays a major role in whether the agroforestry project is successful or not. Also in terms of climate change, it is important to select a tree species that both fits the farmer’s field conditions and can handle well with the extreme weather conditions occurring in the region in which the plot is located. This is why the Tree Matrix also includes parameters such as strong wind, drought, frost, heat waves, and floods. The objective of the Tree Matrix is to offer knowledge about commonly planted tree species in Belgium and The Netherlands, so the right choices considering e.g. field and weather conditions can be made by the end user (farmers). For research, the Tree Matrix can act as a backbone for tree species selection tools (BETULA, AgroforesTreeAdvice, and soon DENTRO). The use of BETULA (a) and AgroforesTreeAdvice (b) is free, and it can be accessed through these links: (a) Welkom bij AgroForestry Planner! AgroForestry Vlaanderen ( (b) AgroforesTreeAdvice ( The background info sheet can be read here: Boomsoortenselectie: waarmee rekening houden? - Agroforestry ( (in Dutch). More info? Contact us through [email protected]
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