A new approch to assess labour time requirements, work safety; work load and job satisfaction on Flemish dairy farms

Robin De Sutter, Bart Sonck

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A safe and healthy working environment is an essential part of making the agricultural sector more sustainable. Working with animals, using machinery, lifting heavy objects, falling and stumbling are some of most important risks facing the farmer and his family. The extension service PreventAgri was founded in 2001 especially to improve the working conditions in the agricultural sector by performing risk analyses on farms, by publishing labour related information, by advising and educating farmers, etc.

With an experience of almost 10 years, PreventAgri was asked to participate in a new Flemish project on labour organisation on dairy farms. The main objective of the project is to stress the importance of the production factor “labour” in the daily farm management. Within this project, different aspects of labour will be studied on twenty dairy farms.

This paper describes a new approach, namely the labour barometer which is an integrated tool to measure the work climate on the dairy farms. It combines different aspects of labour such as labour time requirement, job risks, job satisfaction and work load. The labour barometer will be used to make an overall and farm-specific assessment of the work climate (labour organisation) of a dairy farm. Results will be available in 2011 and will be described in the full paper.

Besides measuring the work climate, the project aims also to raise the work efficiency on the farms involved. The labour-measures implemented in the project will also be assessed for their economic impact and to study the economic consequences of labour-saving measures on these dairy farms. The experiences on these twenty dairy farms will be used to educate other dairy farmers. After all data is collected and analysed, PreventAgri will publish the knowledge gained from this project via several popularising articles.
Key word: labour organisation, job satisfaction, work load, dairy farms
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PublicatiestatusGepubliceerd - 8-jul.-2012
EvenementInternational Conference of Agricultural Engineering, CIGR-AgEng 2012 - Valencia, Valencia, Spanje
Duur: 8-jul.-201212-jul.-2012


CongresInternational Conference of Agricultural Engineering, CIGR-AgEng 2012


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