A visual and UAV based combined phenotyping methodology reveals multiple and diverse responses to drought in a European soybean collection

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Current soybean production in Europe is insufficient to cover the increasing demand for proteins. Breeding cultivars that are adapted to current and future European climate conditions is required to support the expansion of cultivation area. Increased frequency and severity of drought spells implies that newly bred soybean cultivars should be drought-resistant. However, breeding for drought resistance is not simple as drought scenarios are diverse, plant responses are complex and the impact on yield and quality varies with developmental stage and drought spell duration. Therefore, we need field phenotyping methodologies to screen drought resistance traits under variable conditions and drought scenarios relevant for Western Europe. In the EUCLEG EU project at ILVO, the performance of a large collection of soybean accessions was evaluated combining traditional phenotyping methods (e.g. canopy wilting or developmental stage scores) with imagery captured with a UAV. Two trials (control = wellwatered conditions; drought = rain-out shelters) were sown with 359 soybean accessions from diverse origins in an augmented row-column design for two growing seasons determining two different drought conditions (3-4 weeks and 6-7 weeks)[1]. Multi-temporal UAV imagery was
used to screen our collection for growth in terms of canopy coverage and height. Thereto, biologically interpretable growth and development parameters were inferred from fitting growth curves[2]. Then, we identified the plant traits that could be used to select for drought resistance. To quantify the accessions’ responses, a drought response index was calculated for every trait. As expected, varied responses were observed across conditions. As an example, the reduction in seed number per plant was moderate (17%) to severe (38%) for short and long drought duration. Here we present the results of both years and a screening and data processing pipeline to phenotype soybean for growth and drought resistance parameters.
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Evenement7th International Plant Phenotyping Symposium - Wageningen, Nederland
Duur: 26-sep.-202230-sep.-2022


Congres7th International Plant Phenotyping Symposium
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