An innovation systems model for innovation research project in the bio-economy

Jonas Van Lancker, Koen Mondelaers

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    To cope with diverse global pressures, the petroleum based economy is transitioning to a bio-economy. Radical and incremental changes in the involved industries will be the cornerstone to successfully innovate towards this more sustainable system. However, the traditional innovation models such as technology push and market push will not suffice. Their inflexible, linear, uni-disciplinary, closed approach is unable to consider the diverse, multi-disciplinary aspects of the innovation system, leading to inefficient innovation efforts. Despite many valuable contributions, the widely recognized innovation system approach lacks the sophisticated models of the other, more traditional approaches. We therefore build on previous innovation models and related literature to develop a model for innovation research in this innovation systems perspective. The result is a comprehensive model with four important features. Innovation research is done in an (i) inter- and transdisciplinary manner to take into account the different techno-scientific aspects as well as socio-economic aspects of innovation. Also, the boundaries of the process and organization are systematically opened to a (ii) network with a wide variety of stakeholders to benefit from the various advantages of stakeholder participation. Furthermore, the process has no explicit starting point (iii) and is conceived as (iv) cyclic with possibilities for iteration and feedback to fully exploit the advantages of networking and stakeholder participation. In this paper this new model is developed and further illustrated with three bio-economy cases.
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    PublicatiestatusGepubliceerd - 4-apr.-2014
    Evenement11th European IFSA Symposium - Berlijn, Duitsland
    Duur: 1-apr.-20144-apr.-2014


    Symposium11th European IFSA Symposium
    Verkorte titelIFSA 2014


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