Boslandbouw, iemand? Opportuniteiten, knelpunten en houding ten opzichte van boslandbouwsystemen in de Vlaamse landbouw

Bert Reubens, Bert Van Gils, Dorien Baeyens, Celine Vandevelde, Erwin Wauters

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    Many of the agroforestry systems in Flanders have been abandoned as they are considered incompatible with today’s agro-economy and intensive farming practices. Nonetheless, modernized agroforestry could enhance farm resilience and respond to challenges in Flemish agriculture. Whereas these opportunities are increasingly recognized by policy makers, consultants, researchers and educators, the response to the new subsidy program for alley cropping is low and genuine agroforestry remains sparse.
    In this study, recently established agroforestry systems were characterized and two target farmer groups were approached. First, a questionnaire was used to assess farmers’ experience with and intention, attitudes and perceptions towards agroforestry. Secondly, interviews were performed with early adopters and recent starters to learn about their motivations and perceived obstacles, and to assess the characteristics of their farm and agroforestry parcels.
    The questionnaire pointed out that 55 % of the farmers are not familiar with agroforestry. The intention to engage in agroforestry now or in the future was rather low (16 %), with legal stumbling blocks, lower crop production, lack of (large) farming parcels and difficulties with mechanization mentioned as main barriers. Conversely, several mainly socio-ecological advantages were recognized.
    Motivations varied strongly among adopters, as did their farm and agroforestry characteristics. Poplar, common walnut and different fruit trees species are most common, combined mainly with grassland or occasionally crops such as winter wheat, maize or potatoes.
    Since farmers’ low intention and attitude were mainly associated with negative perceptions related to compatibility and profitability, future research and extension efforts should target these aspects.
    Titel13th North American Agroforestry Conference : Conference proceedings
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    StatusGepubliceerd - 2013
    Evenement13th North American Agroforestry Conference (2013) - Charlottetown, Canada
    Duur: 19-jun-201321-jun-2013


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