Building a Narrative: The Role of Dualisms When Interpreting Food Systems

Kirsten Vanderplanken, Elke Rogge, Ilse Loots, Lies Messely, Frédéric Vandermoere

    Onderzoeksoutput: Bijdrage aan tijdschriftA2: Artikel in een internationaal wetenschappelijk tijdschrift met peer review, dat niet inbegrepen is in A1peer review

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    Against the background of increasingly complex and diverse agri-food systems, calls are made in rural sociology to no longer describe and distinguish food systems based on dualistic oppositions. The aim of this paper is to understand to what extent food system actors use different dualisms to build their ontological narratives. Based on a qualitative analysis, we analyse the narratives of key actors in the Flemish food system on food system challenges, and their relation with specific dualistic concepts and associated meanings, experiences and practices. Two distinct narratives emerge that are embedded in opposing dualisms, what leads us to believe that dualistic oppositions are still a part of the agri-food reality and are something to take into account when different actors have to collaborate.
    Oorspronkelijke taalEngels
    TijdschriftInternational Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food
    Aantal pagina’s20
    PublicatiestatusGepubliceerd - sep.-2016


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