Comparing different techniques to assess the risk of dust drift from pesticide-coated seeds

Dieter Foqué, Bert Beck, Wouter Devarrewaere, Pieter Verboven, David Nuyttens

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    BACKGROUND: Although considered as a safe pesticide application method, treated seeds can pose environmental risks when abraded pesticide-laden seed particles are expelled during sowing. This dust drift risk is clearly linkedwith seed coating quality. Seed coating quality is traditionally assessedwithHeubach dustmeters, and guidelines are established in terms of the ‘Heubach value’. This technique may, however, not take all drift-sensitive particles into account. In this study, results of the Heubach test are compared with two alternative set-ups:mechanical sieving and the individual sowing element.

    RESULTS: The abrasion potential assessed with the Heubach dustmeter was much lower than the total dust fraction generated by mechanical sieving and the individual sowing element. The amount of dust produced and the dust particle size distribution of both the other techniques were comparable.

    CONCLUSION: It looks as if the Heubach dust meter underestimates the risk of dust drift. Using one of the alternative methods might be a more appropriateway to assess the abrasion potential of seeds. Given the low investment cost required, mechanical sieving seems to be a good approach for non-specialised labs. The individual sowing element set-up is the most realistic simulation of in-field dust drift generation but requires a higher initial investment. Therefore, this set-up is most suitable for specialised labs and is recommended for further research in this area.
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    Artikel nummerDOI 10.1002/ps.4557
    TijdschriftPest Management Science
    Pagina's (van-tot)1908-1920
    Aantal pagina’s13
    PublicatiestatusGepubliceerd - 2017


    • T110-instrumentatie
    • T410-aanverwante-technologie
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    • T500-veiligheidstechniek


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