Comparison of The Laser Methane Mini and GreenFeed System to Measure Enteric Methane in Dairy Cows

Tim Van De Gucht, Nico Peiren, Raphael Boré, Benoit Rouillé, Leen Vandaele

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The GreenFeed (GF) system (C-Lock Inc., USA) is nowadays the most frequently used technique to measure enteric methane in dairy cows. This system requires voluntary visits from cows and risks to miss data from a number of cows that do not visit the device. Therefore sensor devices such as the handheld Laser Methane Detector (LaserMethane Mini (LMM or LMD), Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd., UK) could be used as an alternative to measure methane emissions. GreenFeed and LMM both measure methane concentrations, but they are used in different ways. Therefore, it is unclear how well their measurement results correspond, especially since the LMM was originally developed for methane leak detection. In this study a comparison between GreenFeed and LMM measurements was made to find out whether results correspond. During a period of four weeks, ten cows housed in a freestall barn were measured daily in the morning using the LMM, while throughout the day the cows had access to the GreenFeed. For LMM measurements, cows were fixed in a chute outside the barn to prevent influence of surrounding cows on the measurement. The area was shielded using grass bales to reduce the influence of wind and weather. Emissions were measured by aiming the LMD in the nostril of the cow for at least four minutes while maintaining the same distance (2 m) and sensor height throughout measurements. The results showed that it was not easy to gather qualitative data using the LMM as cows were often moving their head, thus disturbing the measurement by making it very difficult to keep aiming at the same spot. Comparison of measurement data was performed by analysis of the raw concentration data of both LMM and GreenFeed. A preliminary comparative data analysis indicates no clear correspondence between both measuring devices
Oorspronkelijke taalEngels
PublicatiestatusGepubliceerd - 5-jun.-2022
Evenement8th International Greenhouse Gas & Animal Agriculture Conference - Orlando, Verenigde Staten van Amerika
Duur: 5-jun.-20229-jun.-2022


Congres8th International Greenhouse Gas & Animal Agriculture Conference
Verkorte titelGGAA 2022
Land/RegioVerenigde Staten van Amerika


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