Eerste resultaten van de EXE-kas

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    The EXE-kas (= EXergy Efficient greenhouse) is an energy saving greenhouse that consists of an efficient dehumidification device (=vapour heat pump), Energy Balancing (EB) screens and an efficient CO2 generation system (CO2P). Two elements of this EXE-kas, namely the vapour heat pump and the EB day screens, are being developed in cooperation with industrial partners. The EB-day screen consist of a combination of 2 screens with higher light transmittance and improved thermal properties. The vapour heat pump consist of a heat mass exchanger in which air is dried through contact with a salt solution, and a mechanical vapour compression unit that concentrates the salt solution. In 2015 and early 2016, these devices were engineered and produced. In 2016 they will be tested in an experimental greenhouse of 720m². This presentation presents some practical development issues and the first results.
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