Evaluation of a transdisciplinary process: a case study of the Flemish agri-food system

Marianne Hubeau, Fleur Marchand, Ine Coteur, Lies Debruyne, Guido Van Huylenbroeck2

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    The agri-food system is urged to transform towards sustainability due to various socio-economic and environmental pressures. However, sustainability is a normative and ambiguous concept. Furthermore, since current challenges require new means of knowledge production and decision making, the way forward requires a transdisciplinary approach that involves all relevant stakeholders during all phases of the process [1]. Transdisciplinary research allows to co-create knowledge between researchers and societal actors. Moreover, it allows to handle complex real-world problems and focus on solution opportunities [1].
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    PublicatiestatusGepubliceerd - jul-2016
    Evenement154th EAAE Seminar - Beauvais, Frankrijk
    Duur: 30-jun-20161-jul-2016


    Seminarie154th EAAE Seminar


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    • 154th EAAE Seminar

      Marianne Hubeau (Deelnemer)


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