Exploring discursive representation: Flemish agriculture as a case

Maarten Crivits

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    Sustainable intensification, agro-ecology and greening. At first sight these concepts might not have to do a lot with what a farmer does on his or her field, let alone with what we eat. Moreover, one might think that all three of them are rather similar, with their emphasis on ‘sustainability’, ‘ecological’ and ‘green’. But in fact, these concepts are aligned with radically different interpretations of what agriculture can and should be, different interpretations about how agriculture ought to relate to market and society, as well as the kind of solutions, procedures and policy measures that ought to be constructed to support its development.
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    • Universiteit Gent
    • Block, Thomas, Begeleider, Externe Persoon
    • De Krom, Michiel P.M.M., Begeleider, Externe Persoon
    • Dessein, Joost, Begeleider
    Plaats van publicatieGhent
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