Farmers’ soil management decisions: Approaches for assessing environmental, social and economic sustainability at farm level

Carolina Alfonsín, Martin Banse, Jo Bijttebier, Javier Calatrava, Ricardo Méndez Escobar, Paul Swagemakers, Hilde Wustenberghs, Eija Pouta

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Farmers are the key decision makers in soil management. In their decisions, they can take into account the multiple dimensions of sustainability: monetary revenue that farm production generates; protection and enhancement of natural resources, such as soil quality; and social and cultural aspects of farming. In this chapter, we briefly discuss the approaches that can be used to understand, predict and facilitate farmers’ decision-making: economic approach; theory of planned behaviour from social psychology; and lifecycle analysis, focusing on environmental aspects of production and sustainability
assessment that integrates various aspects of sustainability.
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TitelInteractions between agricultural management and soil biodiversity : an overview of current knowledge
EditorsDiego Soto-Gómez , Merrit Shanskiy, David Fernández-Calviño
Aantal pagina’s9
UitgeverijUniversidade de Vigo
ISBN van elektronische versie9788409256327
PublicatiestatusGepubliceerd - apr-2021


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