Feed intake of young double-muscled bulls fed on grass and supplemented with sugar-beet pulp

L O Fiems, Johan De Boever, S De Campeneere, J M Vanacker

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    Daily dry matter intake in young growing double-muscled bulls, fed indoors on grass, was estimated based on forty-four intake data from 28 animals, ageing at least five months and weighing up to 400 kg live weight. Intake was measured during five consecutive days using one of eighteen cuts of grass. Fresh meadow grass (mainly Lolium perenne) was fed ad libitum and two kg dried sugar-beet pulp was offered per animal and per day. Animal live weight averaged 278 +/- 82 kg and mean total daily dry matter intake amounted to 5.05 +/- 1.59 kg or 73.6 +/- 13.7 g per kg metabolic weight, while pulp dry matter intake amounted to 1.49 +/- 0.50 kg per day. Regression analysis showed that animal as well as feed characteristics could explain up to approximately 90% of the variation in daily dry matter intake. The supplementation resulted in an extra daily dry matter intake of 0.68 g per g pulp dry matter. Intake of double-muscled animals was considerably lower than previously reported for non-double-muscled cattle. An extra supplementation of young grazing double-muscled animals could be advised from these findings, while extra protein should also be considered.
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    PublicatiestatusGepubliceerd - 2002

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