Het potentieel van geofysica voor veldfenotypering

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key pathway to maximize yields in a sustainable way is to select and grow crops that
are optimally adapted to their environment Plant performance is controlled by
characteristics or ‘ which are partially genetically determined Nevertheless,
cultivars with the same genome express different appearances in different
environments and under different management practices Phenotyping has therefore
become the foundation of breeding practice While above ground traits are already
extensively studied, phenotyping the below ground traits is less straightforward, due
to the opaque nature of soil Non invasive geophysical techniques to study the root
system and soil profile have substantially advanced in recent years Their biggest
potential lies in their indirect monitoring of water depletion or other changes in the
root zone Timelapse electrical resistivity tomography ( is particularly promising
as part of a comprehensive field phenotyping installation Nevertheless, it remains
unclear whether the technique can deliver the resolution, sensitivity and accuracy to
capture the subtle, but decisive differences between cultivars
this study, we simulated a range of possible continuous ERT measurement setups
and tested them for their potential to distinguish between small differences in below
ground dynamic plant traits of grass Using a Bayesian Evidential Learning framework
(BEL 1 D), we assess the sensitivity of different electrode layouts in recovering plant
induced soil drying patterns This approach also incorporates the uncertainty in the
pedophysical relationships and soil properties often encountered in the field The
technique is currently being implemented in a unique field phenotyping installation as
a part of the European phenotyping network EMPHASIS
Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageHet potentieel van geofysica voor veldfenotypering
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EvenementAgrogeophysics seminar 2022: An electrical meeting - Palace of the Royal Academies, Brussels, België
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SymposiumAgrogeophysics seminar 2022
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