Identification and diversity of the root-knot nematodes affecting yam (Dioscoreaspp.), in Nigeria

Yao Kolombia, Gerrit Karssen, Nicole Viaene, P. Lava Kumar, Daniel Coyne, Wim Bert

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    Root-knot nematodes, Meloidogyne spp.
    represent an important threat to yam (Dioscorea
    spp.) production in West Africa. With the aim
    to characterize the species affecting yam
    plants, for control and resistance screening
    purposes, surveys were conducted in the main
    yam producing areas. Infected, galled tubers
    were collected from farmers and markets in 12
    states in Nigeria. To trap Meloidogyne species,
    infected yam peels were inoculated in a ring
    surrounding the root system of susceptible
    tomato cv “Ibadan local” and celosia plants.
    Young egg-laying females were extracted from
    roots of infected tomato and or celosia plants
    and used for enzymatic (Esterase: EST and
    Malate dehydrogenase: MDH) analysis with
    PhastSystem. Out of 46 populations examined,
    results revealed that yam tubers were mostly
    64 6th International Congress of Nematology
    infested by Meloidogyneincognita (68%), followed
    by Meloidogyne javanica (16%), Meloidogyne
    enterolobii (2%) and Meloidogyne arenaria (5%).
    In most of the samples, tubers were infected by
    a single species. However, in 9% of the analysed
    samples, mixed populations of M. enterolobii
    and M. incognita (7 %) and M. enterolobii, M.
    incognita and M. javanica (2 %) were recorded.
    The distribution of the Meloidogyne spp. in the
    main yam producing areas is discussed. This
    constitutes the first report of M. arenaria and M.
    enterolobii on yam in West Africa.

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    PublicatiestatusGepubliceerd - mei-2014
    Evenement6th International Congress of Nematology - Cape Town, Zuid-Afrika
    Duur: 4-mei-20149-mei-2014


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