Individual commitment to a group effect: strengths and weaknesses of bovine embryo group culture

Eline Wydooghe, Leen Vandaele, Sofie Piepers, Jeroen Dewulf, Etienne Van den Abbeel, Petra De Sutter, Ann Van Soom

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    Recently, new culture devices such as Corral and Primo Vision dishes have been designed for the culture of human embryos to allow the combination of group culture plus follow-up of individual embryos. Bovine inseminated oocytes were allocated to Primo Vision dishes, Corral dishes, individual culture or classical group culture. Blastocyst development in Primo Vision dishes was similar to classical group culture (34.3 and 39.0% respectively), and better than Corral dishes or individual culture (28.9 and 28.5% respectively). In Primo Vision dishes, a higher number of 'slow' embryos developed to the blastocyst stage compared with their individually cultured counterparts, while no differences were observed for 'fast' embryos. 'Slow' embryos in a 'standard drop' had a higher chance of becoming a blastocyst compared with individual culture (OR: 2.3), whereas blastulation of 'fast' embryos was less efficient in a 'delayed drop' than in individual culture (OR: 0.3). The number of non-cleaved embryos in Primo Vision dishes did not negatively influence blastocyst development. Likewise, removing non-cleaved embryos (NC removed) and regrouping the cleaved embryos afterwards (ReGR) did not affect blastocyst development and quality compared with group culture in Primo Vision dishes (CTRL, 31.6%, NC removed, 29.3% and ReGR, 29.6%). The experiments revealed that group culture of bovine embryos in Primo Vision dishes is superior to individual culture, primarily because of the higher blastocyst rate achieved by slow embryos. Non-cleaved or arrested embryos do not hamper the ability of co-cultured bovine embryos to reach the blastocyst stage in group culture.
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    PublicatiestatusGepubliceerd - 2014


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