Interaction of immunocastration and sex on performance, carcass and meat quality in pigs

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    This study aims to assess the effects of sex and immunocastration and their interaction on performances, carcass and meat quality of pigs at higher slaughter weights. Forty boars (BO), 40 barrows (BA) and 40 gilts (GI) were divided in 2 groups of 20 animals per sex, the control (C) and immunocastrated (IC) group. The IC group received two Improvac® injections. They were slaughtered at an average live weight of 133 kg. The experiment confirms the known effects of sex on performances. Dressing percentage of BO was lower compared to BA and GI. Meat percentage of BO and GI was higher and backfat thickness and intramuscular (IM) fat content lower compared to BA. Drip loss was higher in BO compared to BA. Meat of BA was less yellow compared to meat of GI. Immunocastration led to a higher feed intake and daily gain in BO and GI in the period after the second vaccination. In BO, the higher feed intake after IC led to higher backfat thickness resulting in a lower meat percentage, while GI showed higher IM fat content, lowering shear force. IC had minor effects in barrows.

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