Key steps and dynamics of family farm succession in marginal extensive livestock farming

Daniele Bertolozzi-Caredio, Isabel Bardaji, Isabeau Coopmans, Barbara Soriano, Alberto Garrido

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Succession trends in agriculture have been downward in many European regions, especially in the less favouredand mountainous areas of southern Europe. This article aims at understanding family farm succession dynamicsin extensive livestock farming of two marginal areas in Spain. We approached the issue applying a qualitativemethodology based on inductive content analysis of open interviews with 28 farmers and relatives. The evidenceshows that family farm succession is a long-term and multidimensional process during which successors passthrough three stages: potential succession, willingness to succeed and effective succession. The factors de-termining succession can be classed into four dimensions that affect the succession stages differently. Individualand familial dimensions are found to include the most influential factors shaping the potential successor,whereas the influence of familial factors drops in favour of the individual dimension at the willingness stage. Thecontextual and institutional dimensions mainly influence the willingness and effective succession stages. Thescope of policies should be broadened beyond effective succession by enhancing the intention of willing suc-cessors to take over the business.
TijdschriftJournal of Rural Studies
Pagina's (van-tot)131-141
Aantal pagina's11
StatusGepubliceerd - apr-2020


  • B410-landbouwhydrologie


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