PROSPERA synthesis report: Revealing common challenges in five European peri-urban areas

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This report was developed within the PROSPERA project, PROmoting Sustainable development and regional attractiveness through PERi-urban Areas, funded by Interreg Europe. The project’s overall objective is to improve regional policies on protection and promotion of natural heritage in peri-urban areas threatened by urban sprawl. To achieve its objective the PROSPERA project establishes an interregional knowledge exchange on the governance of peri-urban areas. This process of co-production was designed by ILVO, the Flanders’ Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. A prerequisite for knowledge exchange between different nationalities is a proper and shared understanding of the diverging contexts. In other words, the success of an interregional process of co-production greatly depends on the ability of each participant to understand the differences and the similarities between all participants. Therefore, the PROSPERA project started with a cross-case analysis to identify common challenges (CC). This report describes the result of this cross-case analysis and lists all of the common challenges.
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UitgeverijInterreg Europe - Project PROSPERA
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  • B410-landbouwhydrologie


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