Rapport van de 32ste vergadering van de Commissie

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    This document is the adopted record of the Thirty-second Meeting of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources held in Hobart, Australia from 23 October to 1 November 2013. Major topics discussed at this meeting include: the status of CCAMLR-managed fisheries; the Report of the Thirty-second meeting of CCAMLR’s Scientific Committee; illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing in the Convention Area; vulnerable marine ecosystems and bottom fishing; the establishment of a representative system of marine protected areas in the Convention Area; assessment and avoidance of incidental mortality of Antarctic marine living resources; new and exploratory fisheries; current operation of the System of Inspection and the Scheme of International Scientific Observation; compliance with conservation measures in force, including the implementation of CCAMLR’s Compliance Evaluation Procedure; review of existing conservation measures and adoption of new conservation measures; a process to support a review of CCAMLR’s Catch Documentation Scheme and a separate process to support the acquisition of a Vessel Monitoring System; management under conditions of uncertainty; consideration of a second Performance Review and cooperation with other international organisations, including within the Antarctic Treaty System. The Reports of the Standing Committee on Administration and Finance and the Standing Committee on Implementation and Compliance are appended.
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