Reference plant pathogenic bacteria in support of the European plant health policy: the Q-Bacco-net initiative.

A Aspin, P Dawyndt, P De Vos, D Janssens, Martine Maes, JF Portier

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    Bacterial plant pests cause economically important losses in agricultural crops. In order to guarantee the long-term accessibility, the quality and authenticity of reference bacterial, three well-established public bacteria collections (BCCM/LMG, CFBP and NCPPB) have associated within Q-Bacco-net, stimulated by QBOL Bacteria WP leader (ILVO) and supported by EPPO. It was decided to accept and maintain the bacterial reference strains in at least two of these partner collections, a measure comparable to that in place for type strains upon new species description. A common standardized protocol to check authenticity and identification has been agreed. The list of selected reference strains with checked authenticity form the Q-Bacco-ref collection. Apart from the in QBOL bar coded Xanthomonas, Clavibacter, Ralstonia and Xylella, this list contains type strains, pathovar reference strains and additional genome sequenced strains, referring to selected EPPO-listed quarantine pathogens. StrainInfo ( will interlink these different resources with the Q-bank that contains the cured sequence bar coded data retrieving relevant information at the strain level. Finally, it is also important that the pathogenicity of the reference strains can be verified in planta when needed, a function which the Q-Bacco-net members will perform either directly or through existing partnerships with their National Reference Laboratories.
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    TitelQBOL-EPPO Conference on DNA Barcoding and diagnostic methods for plant pests
    PublicatiestatusGepubliceerd - 21-mei-2012
    EvenementQBOL-EPPO Conference on DNA barcoding and diagnostic methods for plant pests - Haarlem, Nederland
    Duur: 21-mei-201225-mei-2012

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