Reflexive monitoring in action: setting up a monitoring system for learning effectiveness in agroecological farm innovation

Marion Liberloo, Jo Bijttebier, Emilie Lacour, Didier Stilmantc, Fleur Marchand

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Purpose: We defined a methodological framework to monitor and evaluate farmer's knowledge exchange and learning processes. Our proposed methodology can help farm advisors during the set-up, facilitation and evaluation of interactive activities with farmers, enabling the learning environment for adopting agroecological measures.

Approach: We used a monitoring approach to monitor and improve learning effectiveness during project activities. We based our monitoring approach on Reflexive Monitoring in Action (RMA) consisting of alternating stages of observation, analysis, reflection and action. We developed a methodological framework combining several theories on learning processes and behavioral change. Theories were translated into practical monitoring tools.

Findings: We describe the process of installing these monitoring tools. Qualitative data from interviews and a focus group indicate the challenges we encountered when monitoring learning effectiveness and lessons learnt. The conceptual framework of RMA had added value to strengthen collective learning processes and reflexivity.

Practical implications: Our study offers a methodology to monitor and reflect on learning effectiveness in a multi-actor context. This will support farm advisors in setting up productive learning environments.

Theoretical implications: Our study reveals additional insights on how to create a learning environment to support the transition to agroecology.

Originality/value: We translated the conceptual framework of RMA into a methodological framework and implemented it in a real-life setting. By iterative cycles of monitoring, reflection and adaptation, we enable an adaptive learning environment for the implementation of innovative agroecological practices.
Oorspronkelijke taalEngels
TijdschriftJournal of Agricultural Education and Extension
PublicatiestatusGepubliceerd - 11-nov.-2021


  • B410-landbouwhydrologie


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