Regional knowledge exchange synthesis report: An overview of the knowledge exchange across borders in the PROSPERA project

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This regional knowledge exchange synthesis report was developed within the Interreg Europe project PROSPERA, PROmoting Sustainable development and regional attractiveness through PERi-urban Areas. During the multiple meeting moments, the main goal was to have an inspirational learning environment. Each partner shared information and experiences on their regional context, local challenges and presented to the other partners several good practices. Partners have been invited to reflect upon their learning experiences throughout the PROSPERA project in the PROSPERA Learning Report. This report was designed as a tool for municipalities to capture and pinpoint: What has been learnt about policy making for the peri-urban areas? Which Good Practices could be transferred? Which parts of the Good Practices are relevant to transfer? How can we transfer them? The final aim of this process was to provide input for the upcoming local action plans of the participating PROSPERA cities. This synthesis report is divided into two parts. The first part describes the structure of the PROSPERA Learning Report, explaining the rationale behind the various steps of the report. The second part contains an overview of the main outcomes of the interregional learning process, as reported by the PROSPERA partners. The information in the PROSPERA Learning Report is not exhaustive but specific to the objective and rationale of the PROSPERA project. The PROSPERA learning report of each participating city are annexed to this document.

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