Report of the Joint OSPAR/ICES Ocean Acidification Study Group (SGOA) (bijdrage Kris Cooreman), ICES CM 2014/ACOM:33


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    The Joint OSPAR/ICES Study Group on Ocean Acidification (SGOA) held its third and final meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark from 6–9 October 2014. The meeting was hosted by the ICES Secretariat. The meeting was chaired by Evin McGovern (Ireland) and Mark Benfield (USA) and was attended by 25 scientists representing eleven countries, AMAP and the ICES DataCentre. Seven of the participants joined via WebEx conference.
    The objective of the meeting was to address the Study Group’s eight Terms of Reference (ToRs) as set for the group by OPSAR and to prepare a final consolidated report addressing these ToR. This report was completed during and after the meeting. The following annexes were also finalized:
    • A draft ocean acidification (OA) monitoring strategy for consideration by OSPAR;
    • Ocean acidification: an assessment of current and projected exposure of Cold Water Coral areas in the Northeast Atlantic;
    • Long-term trends in ocean acidification in the OSPAR area;
    • Chemical monitoring activities relevant to OA in the OSPAR and HELCOM areas.
    Two additional tasks were added to the SGOA agenda arising from requests received prior to the meeting. One of these was a request for advice on inclusion of coccolithophorid phytoplankton (e.g. Emiliania huxleyi) in OSPAR Eutrophication Guidelines on Phytoplankton Species Composition for OA monitoring. SGOA does not recommend inclusion of E. huxleyi, or an alternative coccolithophore species, for OA monitoring within the guidelines based on current information.
    The SGOA also discussed the potential future place for OA within ICES. The consensus of the group was that a Working Group on Ocean Acidification should be formed.
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