Rural web dynamics: saffron cultivation as a potential lubricant for regional development in Talliouine (Morocco)

Nathalie Erbout

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    The “rural web” has been conceptualized as an analytical tool for empirical analysis for the understanding of the emerging networked rurality and its socio-economic development pattern toward progression or regression. In this paper the web concept is used to assess the pathways and drivers of regional socio-economic initiatives in Talliouine (Morocco), and more in particular of saffron cultivation. First, the characteristics of the area are identified by analysing the “territorial capital” in order to describe the evolutional dynamics. Next, the description of the territorial capital and its evolution is used to reflect the formation of the rural web, the way in which it emerges and the effects it produces. The capitals were described using quantitative indicators, specific for each of the different capitals, obtained from official statistics sources. Qualitative information was gained by interviewing key informants. Main focus of this paper is whether, and to what extent, saffron cultivation acts or could act as a lubricant for regional development in Talliouine.
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    TijdschriftAgriculture in an Urbanizing Society - Programme Book/Book of Abstracts
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    PublicatiestatusGepubliceerd - 1-apr.-2012
    EvenementAgriculture in an Urbanizing Society: International Conference on Multifunctional Agriculture and Urban-Rural l - , Nederland
    Duur: 1-apr.-20124-apr.-2012

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