Safety and efficacy of the feed additive consisting of l-tryptophan produced by Escherichia coli KCCM 80210 for all animal species (Daesang Europe BV)

EFSA FEEDAP Panel, Lieve Herman

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Following a request from the European Commission, the Panel on Additives and Products or substances used in Animal Feed (FEEDAP) was asked to deliver a scientific opinion on the safety and efficacy of the feed additive consisting of l-tryptophan produced by fermentation with Escherichia coli KCCM 80210 when used as a nutritional additive in feed for all animal species and categories. The production strain E. coli KCCM 80210 is safe for the production of l-tryptophan and it was not detected in the final product. The Panel notes that two out of five batches of the additive do not comply with the minimum specification of 98% l-tryptophan on a dry matter basis proposed by the applicant. The use of l-tryptophan (≥ 98%) produced by E. coli KCCM 80210 in supplementing feed to compensate for l-tryptophan deficiency in feedingstuffs is safe for non-ruminant target species. There may be a risk for an increased production of toxic metabolites when unprotected l-tryptophan is used in ruminants. The use of l-tryptophan produced by E. coli KCCM 80210 in animal nutrition raises no safety concerns to consumers of animal products and to the environment. The additive under assessment is considered a mild eye irritant. The endotoxin activity of the additive and its dusting potential indicate a risk by inhalation for the users. The additive is not a skin irritant and is not a skin sensitiser. The additive l-tryptophan is regarded as an effective source of the amino acid l-tryptophan for all non-ruminant species. In order to be as efficacious in ruminants as in non-ruminants, it should be protected from ruminal degradation.
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TijdschriftEFSA Journal
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PublicatiestatusGepubliceerd - 1-mrt-2021


  • Escherichia coli KCCM 80210
  • amino acid
  • efficacy
  • l-tryptophan
  • nutritional additive
  • safety

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