Standardizing the nomenclature for clonal lineages of the sudden oak death pathogen, Phytophthora ramorum

Niklaus J Grünwald, Erica M Goss, Kelly Ivors, Matteo Garbelotto, Frank N Martin, Simone Prospero, Everett Hansen, Peter J M Bonants, Richard C Hamelin, Gary Chastagner, Sabine Werres, David M Rizzo, Gloria Abad, Paul Beales, Guillaume J Bilodeau, Cheryl L Blomquist, Clive Brasier, Stephan C Brière, Anne Chandelier, Jennifer M DavidsonSandra Denman, Marianne Elliott, Susan J Frankel, Ellen M Goheen, Hans de Gruyter, Kurt Heungens, Delano James, Alan Kanaskie, Michael G McWilliams, Willem Man in 't Veld, Eduardo Moralejo, Nancy K Osterbauer, Mary E Palm, Jennifer L Parke, Ana Maria Perez Sierra, Simon F Shamoun, Nina Shishkoff, Paul W Tooley, Anna Maria Vettraino, Joan Webber, Timothy L Widmer

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    Phytophthora ramorum, the causal agent of sudden oak death and ramorum blight, is known to exist as three distinct clonal lineages which can only be distinguished by performing molecular marker-based analyses. However, in the recent literature there exists no consensus on naming of these lineages. Here we propose a system for naming clonal lineages of P. ramorum based on a consensus established by the P. ramorum research community. Clonal lineages are named with a two letter identifier for the continent on which they were first found (e.g., NA = North America; EU = Europe) followed by a number indicating order of appearance. Clonal lineages known to date are designated NA1 (mating type: A2; distribution: North America; environment: forest and nurseries), NA2 (A2; North America; nurseries), and EU1 (predominantly A1, rarely A2; Europe and North America; nurseries and gardens). It is expected that novel lineages or new variants within the existing three clonal lineages could in time emerge.
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    PublicatiestatusGepubliceerd - 2009


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