Steinernema changbaiense sp. n. (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae), a new species of entomopathogenic nematode from Northeast China

Juan Ma, Shulong Chen, Patrick De Clercq, Richou Han, Maurice Moens

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During an extensive survey for entomopathogenic nematodes in north China, a new species was recovered from soil samples; it is described herein as Steinernema changbaiense n. sp. This nematode was obtained from soil samples by the insect-baiting technique using last instar larvae of Galleria mellonella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). Steinernema changbaiense n. sp. is closely related to species in the ‘feltiae-kraussei-oregonense’ group. It is characterised by morphometrics of the infective juvenile (IJ) with a body length of 757 (730-790) µm, distance from head to excretory pore of 61 (58-68) µm, tail length of 77 (71-85) µm, E % = 80 (73-88), and a lateral field pattern 2, 5, 6, 4, 2. The male of the first generation can be recognised by a spicule of 63 (56-70) µm long and a gubernaculum of 40 (33-46) µm long; the spicule is slender, the velum short. The first generation female has a symmetrical, slightly protruding vulva and a ratio D (%) of 49 (35-55). The new species differs distinctly from related species such as S. ashiunense, S. robustispiculum and S. monticolum by a different number of ridges in the lateral fields and the distance from the head to excretory pore of the IJ, and the body length, morphology of spicules and gubernaculum of the male. Cross hybridisation tests showed that these species are reproductively isolated. The sequences analyses of the internal transcribed spacers (ITS) of rDNA and D2D3 domain of the LSU regions confirmed the new species identity.
Oorspronkelijke taalEngels
TijdschriftRussian Journal of Nematology
Pagina's (van-tot)97-112
Aantal pagina’s17
PublicatiestatusGepubliceerd - 2012

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