The development and evaluation of a device for counting and measuring spray droplets

Stephen Kateley, Mick Brady, Richard Goddard, Nicolas De Cock, Mathieu Massinon, David Nuyttens, Donald Dekeyser, Andrew Hewitt, Gary Dorr

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    The Dropcounter is designed to count and measure the diameter of liquid droplets emitted from an agricultural spray nozzle. The number and size of the drops determines how effectively the sprayed chemicals can cover the crop and how much spray chemical drifts away from the target.
    The number of drops per square centimetre is a useful measure of the effectiveness of the spray and should be between about 10 and a 1000 depending on the target.
    The three main influences on the drop size spectrum are the design of the spray nozzle, the exit velocity of the spray and the physical properties of the spray liquid.
    The aim of this device is to provide a simple means of measuring the drop size spectrum of a pesticide spray in both laboratory and real operating conditions.
    Measuring results of six reference nozzles have been compared with PDPA laser and an imaging system.
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    TitelAspects of Applied Biology : International Advances in Pesticide Application
    EditorsP. Balsari, S.E. Cooper, E. Gil, C.R. Glass, W. Jones, B. Magri, P.C.H. Miller, C. Mountford-Smith, D. Nuyttens, T.H. Robinson, D. Stock, W.A. Taylor, J. van de Zande
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    UitgeverijAssociation of Applied Biologists
    ISBN van geprinte versie0265-1491
    PublicatiestatusGepubliceerd - 2016

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