Transformative urban food politics: Stumbling upon social justice-oriented perspectives

Sara Smaal, Joost Dessein, Elke Rogge, Barend Wind

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This short paper outlines four prominent social justice-oriented perspectives in food systems literature: community food security, food justice, food democracy and food sovereignty. Their features are discussed within the confines of Levkoe’s (2011) transformative food politics framework and placed within an urban food governance context. This initial literature review denotes the starting point of a more in-depth investigation examining the dissemination and implementation trajectories of social justice-oriented urban food strategy ambitions.
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StatusGepubliceerd - mrt-2019
EvenementAESOP Sustainable Food Planning - Almere, Nederland
Duur: 27-mrt-201929-mrt-2019


WorkshopAESOP Sustainable Food Planning
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