Using genetic algorithms in sub-pixel mapping

Koen Mertens, LPC Verbeke, EI Ducheyne, RR De Wulf

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    In remotely sensed images, mixed pixels will always be present. Soft classification defines the membership degree of these pixels for the different land cover classes. Sub-pixel mapping is a technique designed to use the information contained in these mixed pixels to obtain a sharpened image. Pixels are divided into sub-pixels, representing the land cover class fractions. Genetic algorithms combined with the assumption of spatial dependence assign a location to every sub-pixel. The algorithm was tested on synthetic and degraded real imagery. Obtained accuracy measures were higher compared with conventional hard classifications.
    Oorspronkelijke taalEngels
    TijdschriftInternational Journal of Remote Sensing
    Pagina's (van-tot)4241-4247
    Aantal pagina’s7
    PublicatiestatusGepubliceerd - 1-nov-2003


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